About the Ride


The Roady Groady is a gravel ride through the western reaches of the County of Elgin, starting from the Southwold Keystone Complex. Now in its fourth year, the ride will be run by the Railway City Cycling Club as a ride for its members. Not a member? Join today!

Expect a mix of different surface types along the route, including: 

Ride Day


Parking will be slightly south of the Keystone Complex, at the Shedden Open Space Park (9210 Union Road, Shedden, Ontario). An off-road path connects this park to the Keystone Complex, allowing the separation of vehicular and cycling traffic for everyone's safety. 

Starting Location and Ride HQ

Ride HQ and your starting location will be the Southwold Keystone Complex (35921 Talbot Line, Shedden, Ontario). The parking in this location will be restricted to ride organizers, volunteers and safety personnel only. 

At Ride HQ, you will be required to check in for the ride and you will have access to restrooms prior to departure.

Ride Waves

Riders will be departing from the Ride HQ in waves according to the distances they have registered for. It is important that you attend your starting wave as we will be assigning ride leaders to help facilitate your ride. The tentative schedule is as follows:

Ride Signage

Signage for gravel routes is expensive. People "relocate" signs after the event is set up. You will have access to digital versions of the course map for cycling head units (Garmin, Wahoo, etc), ride leaders who can ride with you and a paper cue sheet if you would like to print it out.

During the Ride

Highway Traffic Act

This event occurs on open roads and falls under the Highway Traffic Act. This means that all road signs must be respected (e.g. Stop, Yield) and that riders should allow faster-moving vehicles to overtake when it is safe to do so. Stay to the right on all roads (even gravel) to allow oncoming traffic to move without issue.

Traffic Control

Like 2022, traffic control will not be provided as this is not a race. You will need to pay attention to signage and the right of way at all intersections.


In the event of an issue on the course that requires first aid, please contact our Emergency Response team via the number provided at check-in. Provide them with the nature of the issue and your approximate location and either a marshal, our on-site first responders or the local EMS will be dispatched. Alternatively, inform a course marshal and they will arrange the dispatch for you.

Post Ride

Join us post-ride for some eats from a local caterer!