Your Cycling Club

The Railway City Cycling Club was born out of a desire to have a safe place to meet other local riders and explore local roads. From it's first meeting of about 20 people, it has accumulated over 130 members and has logged hundreds of thousands of kilometers on the roads of Elgin and the surrounding areas.

Our Members

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of cycling goals: from national champions to those just starting their cycling journey, we span the spectrum of individuals. However, when it comes to riding as a group, we know the goal - to stick it out until we hit that next sweet cafe stop.

2019 Membership Stats

Aside from goals, we also run the gamut on riders ages and have, rather uniquely in Ontario, a nearly equal mix of gender. There is a home for you with the Railway City Cycling Club.

Membership Distribution

Year over Year 2016 - 2019

Rider Gender Distribution

Year over Year 2016-2019