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find the right ride for you in elgin county

One of the hardest parts of joining a new club is getting out there. That is why we at Railway City Cycling Club like to make it easy for our riders to find the perfect ride for them both in terms of difficulty and scheduling. We have many options of rides and routes available catering to skill levels of cyclists that are just starting out and for those that have been pedalling for years. 

general Schedule


Start Time: 6:30PM 

Distance: 35-50km 

Style: Social - none is trying to set a land-speed record 

Grouping: Pace Group, based on attendance

Sample Routes: John Wise Loop, Port Stanley Loop


Start Time: 8:00A

Distance: 70-100km 

Style: Hosted Desination Ride

Grouping: Pace Group, based on attendance

Sample Routes: Van Lahti's Cafe


Start Time: 6:30PM 

Distance: 35-40km 

Style: Social 

Grouping: Pace Group, based on attendance

Sample Routes: Aylmer Springfield Ride

early mornings

Start Time: 5:30A

Distance: 70-80km 

Style: Training Ride

Grouping: Pace Group, based on attendance

Sample Routes: Port Stanley Hills, Iona Tempo

get all the details with ride with gps 

As you may have noticed with the above sample routes, we use Ride with GPS as the platform to organize our events. This allows us to communicate details about a ride, drives our club calendar and creates a history of our activities. As a perk of being a club member, all club rides get the benefits of being treated as if you were an individual paid member of Ride with GPS. Once you have joined RCCC, you can apply to join our Ride with GPS Club

keep up to paCe with rccc on slack

We are transitioning away from using Facebook Groups. Why? Because it is nearly impossible to get a consistent delivery of information to all members. As an alternative, we are targeting a messaging platform called Slack. In your welcome email you will have an invitation link to join our Slack group. If you have lost this e-mail, please reach out to any member of the board for an invite.

Along with a web interface, there are iOS and Android mobile apps available. Key information will be communicated in the #announcements channel. You can leverage the Slack channels to see who is attending rides and interact with other club members.

Ready to get on route?